Administrative law

  • Law of federal and regional public authorities, local government law, security and police zones
  • Functioning of (local) government and public authorities
  • Freedom of information (access to documents)
  • Administrative police
  • Litigation before the Council of State, administrative courts and the ordinary courts and tribunals
  • Assistance in drafting regulations and individual decisions
  • Administrative penalties
  • Education law
  • Health care law
  • Local taxes
  • Tourism

Constitutional law

  • Division of competences
  • Litigation before the Constitutional Court
  • Assistance in drafting legislative acts, including implementation of EU and international law
  • Human rights

Civil service law

  • Career of statutory and contractual civil servants
  • Disciplinary procedures

Public real estate, spatial planning and environment

  • Urban and spatial planning
  • Environmental law
  • Expropriation law
  • Business permit
  • Public goods, public property and public roads
  • Soil sanitation and waste
  • Land and property policy
  • Nature conservation (habitats, fauna and flora)
  • Seveso, air and climate
  • Cultural heritage
  • Pre-emption rights
  • Right of establishment

Civil and criminal liability of public powers

  • Liability of the state, regions, communities, provinces, municipalities, etc
  • Liability of civil servants
  • Liability of representatives

Public procurement and contracts with public authorities

  • Public procurement
  • Concession contracts
  • Sale and purchase, lease, leasehold, superficies
  • Domain concessions
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)

Public economic law

  • Gaming and gambling law
  • Subsidies
  • Regulatory aspects of regulated industries (network industries, financial sector, insurance sector, …)