Portico is an independent law firm, founded in 2013, specializing in administrative and public law. Over the course of a decade, Portico has established itself in Belgium as one of the leading firms in these fields, transitioning from a small niche player to a recognized and respected structure. With thirteen lawyers, including four partners and a diverse team combining experience and rigor, Portico stands out for its deep expertise and personalized approach.

The partners, Thomas Eyskens, Nicolas Bonbled, Aurélien Vandeburie, and Sebastiaan De Meue, bring rich experience acquired in the public law departments of leading Belgian law firms. The firm is also known for its academic commitment, with several of its members, including Nicolas Bonbled and Aurélien Vandeburie, respectively professors at UCLouvain and ULB.

Portico distinguishes itself through its client-centered approach, fostering smooth and responsive communication. This strategy ensures swift management and follow-up of client requests, a particularly appreciated characteristic in urgent or complex situations.

Language proficiency is a cornerstone of our approach, offering services in French, Dutch, and English. This linguistic competence, combined with close collaboration between Francophone and Dutch-speaking lawyers, enriches the firm’s expertise and ensures a nuanced understanding of legal issues in the country’s two main languages. This capability is essential, especially for cases requiring a deep knowledge of legal texts and regulations and jurisprudence in the two main national languages.